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What is Trade Copier EA?

Forex trade Copier EA is an application or system that copies trades from one account to another account or many other accounts. In other words it can be said that a trade copier copies trades from master account to slave’s accounts. Trade Copiers execute forex signals directly in trading account without manual operation. Most of the traders are busy with their business or daily activities. It becomes difficult for them to sit for suitable trades all day long and execute it in their trading account. Trade copier is good solution for them. It is based on set and forgets system. It permits traders copy trade from source account to their own account. Individual traders can copy, reverse copy the trades of master account through the expert advisor activation. In these system traders themselves can manage their lot, fund, risk etc or may recommend the trade copier provider to manage it.

The three types of charts are:

Why Traders like forex Trade Copier

The popularity of forex trade copier EA is increasing day by day. It is difficult for an individual trader to develop his own strategy alone and execute it to win the trade. A forex traders needs to sit hours after hour before the computer to develop it. Sometimes it needs years after years group work to research and analysis in different sectors of forex market to develop a successful strategy. A forex trade copier is solution that is basically developed by team of experts with proven success. It reduces the stress and time spending of the forex traders in making winning trade. Sometimes forex traders purchase signal from reliable forex signals providers. But they cannot execute it properly their effort is valueless. Most often it occurs. Forex signals providers provide market execution signal that traders cannot execute in their trading account. The use of trade paves the way easy for winning trade. Once it is set in VPS or running computer it copies trade automatically from the master account to slaves’ accounts.

Advantages of Trade Copier Service
  1. Forex Trade Copier reduces the stress of the traders in executing forex signals in trading accounts.
  2. Forex trade copier provides opportunity to copy trades from our professional trader’s account to your individual account.
  3. It can reduce the psychological factors which may affect traders trading judgment that may lead to wrong trading.
  4. Subscribers do not need to spend hours after hours in studying ins and out related to forex trading.
  5. All the trades are instantly copied. So traders do not miss the opportunity of winning trade.
  6. You may manage your fund at your own choice or may manage as per the recommendation of the providers
  7. Traders can control their trade manually. Or they can close trades manually.
  8. Forex trade copiers are compatible with almost all operating system.
  9. Installation and setup is quick and easy using our installation wizard
  10. By forex trade copier service your may earn significant profit at low risk.
  11. For more features you may contact

With the help of modern technology, the world is more connected and smaller. Communication around the world is now easier thanks to the strong growth of the information sector. Forex trading was not left behind. Today, account managers can run multiple accounts from a single master account. A Forex Trade Copier will copy trades executed in the master account to multiple slave accounts.

A Copier is software that can copy trades from one account to another. When a trading signal service uses this copier to transmit its trades to customers, one begins to think that it is a professional copier who earns money. But the truth is that a copier specializing in trade is just delivering trades.

In the present day, with the increase in the number of people investing in overseas operations, the popularity of copier software for forex trading has also increased simultaneously. They are now considered a powerful and non-optional trading tool.

If you need to manage your account by professional traders, DailyPipesSignal’s Forex Copier will take care of your account. It is a set and forgets trading system. Our Forex Trade Copier software has completely changed the way of investing in trading. All trades in the copier are managed and monitored by our professional team of experts. As a novice, you can surely start trading with us to make a profit from this investment option.

Why Daily Pips Signal’s Trade Copier Service

DAILY PIPS SIGNAL aims to be the No 1 forex signals and trade copier service. We have large team and resource to unbeatable signals that most signals providers dreams to offer. We are always loyal to our subscribers and let them know ins and outs of trading, forex strategies. We share strategy to make the traders professional. In our forex trade copier system we provide service via both remote copier system and local copier system.

In our remote copier system, you need to have vps or run your computer all the time. The trades executed in the master account will automatically copied in slaves account with the help of remote server. If you have vps, you need not to run your computer all the time. Just download forex trade copier soft and install it in your vps or computer as per the guidelines provided by us. Once set ok, it automatically copies all the trades executed from our master accounts.

In our local forex trade copier system, we manage each and every account by our team as per the recommendation of the subscribers. They can recommend lot, risk etc. or seek help from in managing account as per leverage. In this system trades generated in our local pc instantly copied in other trading account via LAN. Each and every accounts and trades are monitored by our team. If needed trades are closed manually. In this case our team does the jobs what remote server does in remote trade copier system.

Sometimes people ask why local forex trade copier system in spite of having your remote copier system? Our answer is straightforward. We are trying to provide best possible forex signal service to our subscribers. Sometimes traders cannot manage vps soft properly. If frankly say, sometimes trades generated in master account makes few second delay in slaves account. That’s why trade copier providers mention about 1 to 5 second delay. This delay matter more when spread is increased. In this case our local copier system can be a great choice. Because each and every trades are monitored by our human professional traders. There are few reason why our trade copier is different and suitable than others

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  1. Our trade copier is easy to use with simple user friendly interface.
  2. Our trade copier is very flexible. It includes custom configuration, filterable trades, reverse trading, lot or risk management systems.
  3. Our systems supports all mt4 terminals any broker; DD/NDD/ECN/STP; 4/5 digits; Demo/Live;
  4. Our powerful manual forex trade copier system reduces system loss completely.
  5. Our forex signals are live, instant execution with no delay or cancellation.
  6. No stress, no money management worry, all are done by us.
  7. Receive Guaranteed PIPS every month by winning trades from our mt4 trade copier.
  8. Full control over your funds at all times.
  9. 27/ 7 support by our professional team in installing and running the trades.
  10. And what is most important. We make money for our subscribers.